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Lindsay Newman - L. M. NEWMAN in her published work - died after a long illness in May 2019. Professionally, she had been special-collections librarian at Lancaster University, a student of the life and work of Edward Gordon Craig, and a friend of many students and scholars.


Richard Wilson, Sir Peter Hall Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Kingston University, offered a tribute to Lindsay at her funeral. To read his words, click: 

Lindsay Newman published two books (years apart!) of interest to Craig scholars and more generally, under her own imprint of the Malkin Press. Both these books are still available, and one or both will be sent to anyone who cares to ask, for the price of postage. Please write to our temporary email address


Gordon Craig archives : international survey. 79 pages. ISBN : 0950492809. 500 copies. The Malkin Press 1976. 

The white fan : Gordon Craig's neglected masterpiece of symbolist staging30 pages, including reproductions of four wood-engravings and other graphics by Craig. ISBN  9780950492827.  225 copies. The Malkin Press 2005.

















Scene 1: from the Royal Loge

Set in Monotype Vandyck and finely printed by Northend of Sheffield on Novatech matt 170g paper. The binding is in paper with a wrapper re-creating Hoffmansthal's rose-strewn 'living hedge' designed by Ann Muir and marbled by Jemma Lewis. 


Dr Newman's most particular interest in Craig was in his work for the Cranach Press of Count Harry Kessler. Her Ph.D. thesis was published in 1995 as The correspondence of Edward Gordon Craig and Count Harry Kessler, 1903-1937. The striking and well-known illustrations in the Cranach Press Hamlet (1930) were printed from Craig's woodcuts. But Craig cut many more 'black figures': they were intended to go on a model stage, but being cut in low relief, could be printed from. Dr Newman's edition covers his whole output of these, with full-size illustrations showing impressions from the figures. The images were carefully reproduced from photographs at the Senecio Press; and the whole volume was printed and published by the September Press of Christopher Skelton. A few copies of this are still available: 

Edward Gordon Craig; black figures: 105 reproductions with an unpublished essay; presented with introduction & documentation by L. M. Newman. 1989. 

Price £30. 

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