Published in May 2018: 



A catalogue of the Syriac manuscripts in Cambridge University Library and college libraries acquired since 1901. by J. F. Coakley. vii + 212 pp.


Printed on 120g Olin natural white paper, in thread-sewn sections and bound in full cloth by the Fine Book Bindery. The text is in black and red (reproducing rubrics in the mss.), and illustrations of manuscripts are in full colour.  The types are Monotype Imprint, Estrangela Talada, Serto Qezhayya, and East Syriac Adiabene (all with some Jericho-Press enhancements). 

The last catalogue of Syriac manuscripts in the Cambridge University Library was the great work of William Wright and S. A. Cook, published in 2 volumes in 1901. The present catalogue supplements Wright-Cook with a further hundred manuscripts acquired in the years since, including a few in college libraries. 

Note:  This book has been printed from the author's pdf file by Northend of Sheffield - not by the Jericho Press, and not with type. That would have been an impossible project, and even if finished in my lifetime would not have had the advantages of precise typesetting offered by digital fonts or of colour illustrations. 

This print edition consists of FIFTY COPIES only, and it is at present the only available form of the catalogue (apart from digital legal-deposit copies accessible only at the British Library, etc.). The text will eventually - but probably not before 2021 - be available on line at the Cambridge University Library website. 

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